Elisabeth Elliot on Marriage {Free eBook}

Elisabeth Elliot on Marriage {Free eBook}

Elisabeth Elliot on Marriage {Free eBook}

It would seem most mothers these days struggle to find a balance between the many directions in which they are pulled.  Homeschool moms in particular are prone to becoming focused on our children at the expense of our spouses.  This can lead to confusion, chaos, broken promises, lack of peace, criticism, self-will, dissatisfaction, pride, self-pity, wrong priorities, resentment, disappointment, a controlling nature, a critical spirit, irritation, frustration, anger, and other negative consequences.

Through this free 50-page download from Elisabeth Elliot, called Marriage: A Revolution and a Revelation, we can find solutions to these consequences and calm in the storm.  The remedy, not surprisingly, starts with us.

LOVE, according to scripture, is to will another’s good.  Love is not merely liking the pleasure others give us.  It is not treating them as a means to our satisfaction — this would be to put ourselves in the place of God.  Love is obedience to Him who is love.  It is not a mood or a preference or an emotion.  It is not “feeling good about” somebody.  It is a command.  Therefore it requires our will, and our conscious action.

Elisabeth Elliot

First, we learn what marriage really is, and on what it is founded.  We build on that foundation with discipleship, sacrifice, trials, patience, vulnerability, acceptance, keeping a quiet heart, serving and thankfulness.

Children are very observant.  Their views of marriage and relationships are formed by watching our own.  Would that they would see a Christ-based marriage that deserves emulation.

Please note, this book is “an unfinished, unedited, and previously unpublished draft” that was thankfully released in spite of the occasional editing errors, repetitions, and formatting issues.  Don’t let these blemishes keep you from seeing the beauty of the work.

Every good gift is from above.  Marriage is one of His greatest earthly gifts — for solace, comfort, companionship, help.