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Workbook for the SAT Essay {Free eBook}

Workbook for the SAT Essay {Free eBook}

Workbook for the CollegeBoard SAT I Essay by James P. Stobaugh is a free, 34-page download that will help your child prepare for the essay portion of the SAT. Even if your child is not considering college, he will benefit by working through this workbook. Topics include:

  • An overview and background of the essay portion of the SAT.
  • Outlining.
  • Writing an introduction.
  • Body argument and evidence.
  • Writing a conclusion.
  • Rubrics for how the essay is scored.
  • How to improve scores.

The essay workbook establishes the parts of the essay, explains their purposes, offers suggestions and pitfalls to avoid, offers forms and examples, and then asks the student to complete that part of the essay. For example, in the first portion of the workbook a sample question is provided, and having been provided with outlining tools, the student is asked to create his own outline.

The essay is the first part of the SAT. The person taking the test is given 25 minutes to write an essay in longhand that will support a point of view by providing a grammatically correct, reasoned answer. This is an exercise all of our students can benefit from!

Replete with examples and assignments, the essay workbook makes an excellent supplement to any high school writing program.

Free eBook: