Astronomy is Essential {Free eBook}

Astronomy is Essential {Free eBook}

Sure…biology, chemistry, physics…but astronomy?

Down through all human history, from Biblical times through the mid-nineteenth century, astronomy was a very important subject, part of the knowledge base of every educated person. Traditionally, astronomy education emphasized classical astronomy — the practical approach to learning the sky — for telling time and for finding direction.

Astronomy is Essential {Free eBook}Available at as a 17-page free PDF download, Astronomy is Essential is a reprint of three articles by Jay Ryan of Classical Astronomy that originally appeared in major homeschool magazines.

The first article makes the case for teaching astronomy right along with the basic three Rs:

  1. To learn about the Lord’s creation.
  2. For practical knowledge.
  3. For Biblical background.
  4. As part of our cultural heritage.
  5. To learn the scientific method.
  6. To enjoy the great outdoors.
  7. For free entertainment!

Also included in the download is:

  • Astronomy…Why Bother?: The Enduring Relevance of the Classical Study of the Sky.
  • The American Almanack Tradition: Faith, Literature and Science in Early America.

A final addition describes classical astronomy, its history, and depth.