The New School Year {Free eBook}

The New School Year {Free eBook}

The New School Year {Free eBook}
This time of year many are planning a new school year. If you are looking for fresh ideas, encouragement, and helps for getting organized, you might be interested in The New School Year: Planning Your Course and Letting the Lord Determine Your Steps.

Occasionally, a woman comes along who has it all together. You know the type I’m talking about….This picture-perfect homeschooler has planned each of her children’s educational goals from birth through graduate school. She has daily lesson plans documented for this year (in 15-minute increments) and is currently working on next year’s. Her students’ artwork is framed and neatly displayed in the family gallery, and their schoolwork filed efficiently in personalized folders. Her school room includes an art corner, a reading nook, and a computer station. Science equipment is stored handily in its own kitchen cabinet, and the music room contains a piano, three different-sized violins, a cello, a clarinet, and a flute. Her family is never late for co-op. If you are this type of woman, stop right now. This is not an E-Book that you need to read. However, if you are not this woman, but run your home and school a little more like the way I do, read on; this is the book for you.

This free 48-page download available at The Old Schoolhouse Magazine offers a variety of helps including:

  • Learning to make a plan with room to breathe.
  • Managing a multi-level homeschool.
  • Managing priorities.
  • Incorporating unit studies.
  • Organizing our space.
  • Letting ideas flow out of the tutoring situation.

In the end, education is about disciple making. Leave God out of the equation and teach that knowledge is the purpose of our  instruction, and you’ll end up with disciples of the spirit of this world—children who believe that achievement and success are the goals of a life well lived.