Review: Books Children Love

Books Children Love

Books Children Love
Books Children Love: A Guide to the Best Children’s Literature by Elizabeth Wilson was written within a Charlotte Mason, living-book philosophy — children need to be provided with “excellently written, interest-holding books on as wide a range of topics as possible” as part of the most “effective form of education.”

And variety is what you’ll find in Books Children Love. Books are arranged by subject and listed in alphabetical order by author. A sampling of subjects includes animals, art, architecture, biography, holidays, crafts and hobbies, drama, history, geography, humor, language, all types of literature, mathematics, music, nature, science, physical education, and study skills. Age-appropriate gradings are included.

Warm and detailed descriptions help us easily determine whether or not a book will be a good fit for our family. The titles chosen, each having been read by the author:

  • Must catch and hold the reader’s interest.
  • Be of high literary quality.
  • Represent a “wide range of people in varying circumstances.”

The author has not included books that “reflect a perverse view of human life, that exploit deviant behavior, or that undermine or attack basic Judeo-Christian moral and ethical values.”

Originally published in 1987 and updated in 2002, Books Children Love has remained a well-loved guide for a reason.