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Evaluating for Excellence

Evaluating for Excellence

Evaluating for ExcellenceToo often we evaluate without knowing where we started. We evaluate using arbitrary evaluation tools that cannot tell us if we have met the goals we were working on. In Evaluating for Excellence: A Handbook for Evaluating Student Progress, Teresa Moon provides us with a comprehensive and logical approach to evaluation.

The process reasonably begins by determining each child’s needs. Several forms are provided to help us evaluate current strengths and weaknesses and provide us with a starting point.

Once we know where our children are, we can then determine where we would like them to be by the time of our next evaluation. Our planning will include an Individualized Education Program (IEP) for each child with specific objectives and timelines. The author provides us with a variety of tools to help us accomplish this step.

After establishing our road map, we develop a course of study, choosing methods and materials that will keep us on track. A variety of forms are provided to help us make detailed plans for each subject area.

Finally, it is time to evaluate — how did we do? Rubric examples are provided, along with excellent information on developing a portfolio.

Using this simple diagnose-plan-guide-evaluate model, we can adequately assess progress in any area and develop a truly individual program for each child.

You’ll appreciate the author’s light and encouraging tone throughout this book — along with all of the examples and forms! Truly a treasure trove for any DIY homeschool mom.

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