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All Through the Ages

All Through the Ages ~ Review

All Through the Ages

For those of us who pull together our own history studies, there is no better resource for finding books to tie in with the time period we are studying than All Through the Ages: History Through Literature Guide by Christine Miller.

All Through the Ages provides a complete chronologically arranged array of books to complement any period of history.

Books are arranged by time period, subdivided by grade level (1-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12), and further subdivided by the following categories:

  • Overview of the Era
  • Specific Events
  • Historical Fiction
  • Literature
  • Culture

Descriptions are not included, but most book listings do include very brief notes as to time period or series. The author complied this huge list of books from several different sources and provides a key denoting the original source. You can view a list of the various sources at the publisher’s site.

Sections in the back of the book also provide book lists to help us find books that fit in with our geography, science, math, and art studies. And for those with a classical bent, a Great Books section is also included.

This is one book we have turned to again and again throughout our homeschool journey. Highly recommended!

Update: There is a newer version available directly from the publisher.

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