The Original Home Schooling Series

The Original Home Schooling Series

The Original Home Schooling Series

The Original Home Schooling Series, six volumes, detail Charlotte Mason’s philosophies formed from her experiences with children whom she viewed much differently than her contemporaries. She saw children as more than blank slates. She viewed education as more than preparation for a vocation.

There is much we can learn from reading these volumes; and yes, it takes a dedicated reader! As with most educational philosophies, you likely will not agree with everything you read. But there are always themes that resonate, new ideas to implement, keys to learning that you can envision unlocking the minds of the students in your family.

While there are several guides and other contemporary writings that draw from Miss Mason’s works, none will give you a better idea of how to implement her ideas in your home than reading the original works yourself. You can visit our Charlotte Mason page to learn more.

Update: Unfortunately, the series is no longer being published by Charlotte Mason Research, LLC. But if you are like me, you’ll still appreciate finding a used copy to have on hand to thumb through!

Further update: New reprints are now available at Simply Charlotte Mason. Read more….


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