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Home-Making {Free eBook}

Home-Making ~ Free eBook

Home-Making {Free eBook}

What makes a home? Relationships! Relationships with each other — fulfilling our duties to one another — and our relationship with Christ. These things truly make a home. Originally written in the late 1800’s by Rev. J. R. Miller, Home-Making takes a look at what the Bible says regarding the duties of each member of the family and the role each plays in making the home a home.

Home-Making addresses the foundational heart of home — serving one another through love, treating each other with the same respect that we offer the strangers with which we daily come into contact, encouraging one another, being another’s confidant, and growing together in Christ. The portion of the book addressing the responsibilities of parents to raise and train their children is especially convicting.

Chapters cover:

  • Husbands.
  • Wives.
  • Parents.
  • Children.
  • Brothers and sisters.
  • Home life.

Rev. Miller also discusses considerations before getting married, ways to make the home “home,” the role of religion in the home, and the memories that will survive the home, all in the sweet language of love and encouragement.

In a culture where so many families are torn apart, this book has a particular relevance; a look at how things can be and ways to find our way back to the strong families upon which our nation was built. Those educating at home will find many practical ways to improve the home atmosphere, making the home a place where children not only have their mental, spiritual and physical needs met, but grow large memories to keep with them through life.

We are fast moving on through this world. Soon all that will remain of us will be the memories of our lives. No part of our work will then afford such a true test of our living as the memorials we leave behind us in our homes. No other work that God gives any of us to do is so important, so sacred, so far-reaching in its influence, so delicate and easily marred as our home-making. This is the work of all our life that is most divine. The carpenter works in wood, the mason works in stone, the smith works in iron, the artist works on canvas, but the home-maker works on immortal lives. The wood or the stone or the iron or the canvas may be marred, and it will not matter greatly in fifty years; but let a tender human soul be marred in its early training, and ages hence the effects will still be seen. Whatever else we slight, let it never be our home-making. If we do nothing else well in this world, let us at least build well within our own doors.

J.R. Miller, Home-Making
Free eBook

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