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Student News Daily {Featured Site}

DIYHsr Featured Site

Update: At this time, the site is no longer being updated. You can still make use of the resource by visiting and working through the archives.

Student News Daily is one of our favorite current events sites and one we have recommended for years. Designed with the idea that “all students can think critically about the news when it is presented in a manageable format,” SND provides news articles and food-for-thought aimed at high school students.

Student News Daily {Featured Site}

Here is how the site works. Each day, Monday through Friday, SND posts a Daily News Article. The article will include comprehension and critical thinking questions, background material and suggestions for getting the most from the study.

Each Tuesday, news briefs from around the world are featured, including background, resources and questions.

Wednesday’s feature is a biased item. Types of media bias to look for are suggested in the sidebar. Questions are included with answers provided at the bottom.

Thursday is a featured commentary. Questions are provided.

Finally, Friday a news quiz is posted that covers the Daily News Articles for the week. Answers to the questions are provided free via e-mail to those who request the service.

Other fun features at the site include a Cartoon, Quote of the Week, and Quick Takes (human interest articles).

Student News Daily has been on the web since 2005, providing homeschoolers not only a quick and easy way to cover current events, but also an opportunity to discuss important issues with our older children.

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