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Globalmania {Free World Geography Download}

Globalmania {Free World Geography Download}

Globalmania {Free World Geography Download}

Looking for a fun way to learn world geography? Globalmania: Master World Geography in Just 7 Months is offered as a free download from Knowledgequest.

This eBook walks you and your family through a study of world geography one continent per month, one day per week. That means within seven months you will have circled the globe.

You start each continent study by first determining what your children already know. Then utilizing Internet games, quizzes, and other recommended resources, you build from there studying the area and labeling maps. Finally, you can quiz your children to see how much they have learned. If the month has a fifth week, you can use the time to review.

One of the best features of this free download is the beautifully colored maps, both with and without labels. The maps could be used with any geography study.

Versatile tool for the DIY homeschool handy Mom!

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