Time-Saving Devices

Time-Saving Devices

Time-Saving Devices

If I could manufacture one thing, one time-saving device that could make a real difference in our day, it would be time itself! Ah, but since that isn’t in the realm of possibility I have to move on to Plan B — making good use of the time I have.

Time seems more abundant when I have invested in prioritizing the time I do have. I am more organized as I go through my day.

On the other hand, time seems very elusive if I am unorganized. If I don’t have a set direction in which to go, I tend to find myself frittering away time minute by minute. Here are thoughts I’m pondering on becoming less time-challenged:


There are hundreds of tasks that require my attention throughout the day. Face it: they will not all get the attention they deserve!

On any given day, there are things that MUST be completed. They are priority number one.

Some things NEED to be completed, but there is less of a time constraint on them so there is a little wiggle room. They are priority number two.

There are also things I would LIKE to get done — if only there were more time!

By prioritizing, MUST, NEED, and LIKE I will get those things done that must completed. By working in an orderly way down the list, I may also get to some of those things I would LIKE to do sooner than if I approach my day without direction.

For example, I could spend time on my computer visiting a variety of well-loved sites, but I MUST get my laundry done today or my husband will be going to work in the grease-splattered blue jeans he wore while he changed the oil in the car last night. I also MUST spend time helping my children through phonics, reading, and math. Once I have those priorities completed, then I have a certain amount of time left for checking e-mail and reading blogs.

But if I spend time on the computer before I start that load of laundry or before sitting down with my children, I might never GET to the laundry! My children will be waiting for me to hurry to the table to quickly finish some lessons before Dad gets home. The things I needed to do throughout the day piled up while I was on the computer, leaving me “behind.”

Did you ever hear the one about the big rocks and the little pebbles presented by Stephen Covey? By scheduling those big things first (fitting the big rocks into the jar), the little things will schedule in around them (the pebbles and dirt will fit around the big rocks as you fill the jar with them).


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