14 Forms of Writing for the Older Student: Complete Series

14 Forms of Writing for the Older Student

Once your students are accustomed to writing every day, it is a good idea to present them with a variety of writing challenges. These forms of writing each require something different from the student, and will help him develop his writing and thinking skills.

Once familiar with each form, have your student try to turn one form into another (a poem into a narrative, for example).

Here are 14 different forms of writing for the older student to practice:

  1. Outlines
  2. The Short Story
  3. How-To Essay
  4. Autobiography
  5. Biography
  6. Limerick
  7. The Letter
  8. Character Sketch
  9. Book Review
  10. News Story
  11. Descriptive Narrative Essay
  12. Persuasive Essay
  13. Poetry
  14. The Research Paper