Symbols of Christmas Mini-Books {Free}


Symbols of Christmas Mini-Books {Free}So cute and goes so well with Karen Caroe’s A Blessed Christmas unit study on the symbols of Christmas, that we had to include them.

These Christmas Mini-Books for Lapbook from Electic Education cover the following symbols of Christmas (each is an individual download):

Each mini-book has a beautiful cover showing a symbol, with space for a drawing and lines to write the history/meaning behind the symbol on the inside. You could also use this “history” space to record:

  • What was learned.
  • What the symbol represents.
  • Related Scripture verse.
  • Favorite memory related to the symbol.

When folded and completed, these mini books can be glued inside a lapbook.

Although some of the symbols covered in A Blessed Christmas are not included, and there are a few mini-books not used in the unit study, these symbols of Christmas mini-books make a great addition!